Finding boolean setter

Hey, i hope that someone will be able to help me.
I’m making a card game and i can’t find how to do to match 2 cards? Where can i see, set a boolean to do a match between two different cards?
What can i do to make understand that 2 different card are “the same”.
For information the gqme is like a memory between name and images

Thank you for your help because i’m stuck since 2 weeks

several ways to do this but I would first look at this:

you should be able to find this in the Unreal Launcher

as far as Booleans, they are the first option whenever you create a variable.
for checking values, just right click in event graph or any graph almost and type in ‘Branch’ and this will check if the Boolean is true or false and would be the best way to check if your cards match.
but you would probably set a value for each type of card then use the branch after checking if the 2 values were ‘==’ or ‘/=’ (nodes) probably using arrays to store all you card values.

but like I said I would check that card game project out first, it would probably help a lot. (& it’s free) :wink:

Are you taking about the set node?Blueprint Variables | Unreal Engine Documentation

Well, you can do an ‘AND’ branch. This will output true if both A & B are true.

Thank for your answer, you can take the memory game on the marketplace i take from that and if you don’t modify it , i’d like too match two differents cards