Finding an "object" for Cast

I’m trying to find “object” when I cast to Zombiespawner, which is a spawner. I can’t find anything that works, inside the zombie spawner is a variable named, Maxenemy which controls how many zombies can spawn and on the main menu i created a button so that people could change the number of zombies. So i created the button, Onclick → cast to zombie spawner → as zombiespawner → set maxenemy to X amount.
But I need the object for the Cast to zombie spawner, which i cannot figure out for the life of me. Any ideas?

I’ve tried promoting as zombiespawner to Variable and using that “get” for the object that doesn’t work either :frowning:

you could use the level blueprint and get a reference that way. or you could use the get all actors of class node which will return an array of all the zombiespawners throughout the level