Finding a standalone dedicated server for an Unreal 4 game

Hi guys,

Just wondering how I can set up a game server for a multiplayer FPS with Unreal 4.
Does Epic have servers available that one can rent on a very low budget or can one get
that service free in any way?

What is the best possible and most cost effective way of setting this up?

Thank you.

Heh, heh, heh … :slight_smile:

Would you guys say its possible to build a dedicated game server for an Unreal 4 multiplayer game that “transmits” over WiFi only?
Or is that a stretch?
Thank you.

That only works for the games listed on their website though right? Not our own UE4 games?

Thanks for answering. I am just looking at what my options are once I have a multi player FPS game completed.
I am also looking at Steam Greenlight.
I did read that Steamworks run on C++ so I guess submitting an U4 game wouldn’t be too hard.
However so far I cant find any instructions / specs on how to actually submit an U4 game to them.
I mean do I just send them the .exe?
Any pointers there?
Kinda ****** off that you cant ask Steam any questions either.
Its like dealing with Google or something :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

This doesn’t look too bad. This is on an Amazon server. But sounds like your ping needs to be really great or the game will run way too slow.