Find where in a blueprint graph a file is referenced

I’ve been consistently running into this problem, would be great if someone could help me out if there is a way.
Let’s say I have a sound sfx_explosion FILE/ASSET (random names) and I want to find its reference in a bp_enemy. I can click on a reference viewer and it will show me that the file is referenced in bp_enemy but it won’t show me WHERE on the graph it’s referenced. If I search the blueprint it also won’t show because it doesn’t how file dependencies/ you can’t really search by file names if I understand correctly. So is there any way to do this besides searching manually through all of the nodes of bp_enemy?

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Right click on the variable bp_enemy inside of your gamemode list of variables, and click “Find References”, and then you will be able to visit all of its references on the graph.

Its not about variable, its about a file referenced in blueprint.

Oh, sorry I’m not sure :confused:

The blueprint search (ctrl+f) works for filenames as well.