find were some tutorial for Snow build landscap fog strom etc

find were some tutorial for Snow build landscap / fog / strom / etc thank you for hlep

how can i add
to the MAT_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst Landscape Paint

for now i cread landscap1 whit MAT_TheislandWithmasks_inst and for Landscap2 with MI_SnowBiome how can i get for two material for only one Landscap ?
any idea for me plz

Its a little hard to wright …

Open MM_NewIsland (its the Main file) and then Open MM_SnowBiome (Its the snow you want)

Now copy the Textures you want over to MM_NewIsland (You should make a copy of that and not edit the original)
The rearange the lost lines (like the “Distance Factor (0-1)”) and put them into the right places.
In MM_NewIsland go to the “Combined” Layer Blend there is no space free for your new snow Texture so you need to edit it and add some new Layers is the Details window.

After you have conectet all right save this file and use “Create Material Instance” and save this as MI_NewIsland*

The MaterialInstances have allot of aranged parameters in it so Open the Original MI_NewIsland and change all the Parameters in your MI_NewIsland* to this Parameters
for your snow Textures Use the MI_SnowBiome Parameters.

And tada you have your own texture pack for the Island with snow in it ;D