Find Waking actor


Im working with some physics objects, and I need to find out which actor knocked down the object.
The objects are set to Simulate Physics and Start Awake is set to false. Once I knock into the object, it starts simulating as I wanted, however other objects can also knock down / wake other objects.

I want only a certain actor to be able to knock them down, or find a way to detect which actor woke the actor so that I can make sure the score subtraction for knocking down objects don’t count if you didn’t knock them down.


There is this Useless “Waking Component” which simply returns the component that woke.
So… Event OnComponentWake ( SkeletalMesh ) returns SkeletalMesh. I don’t see ANY use for this. Why is this not the component / actor that hit the object causing it to wake in the first place.

Any suggestions?