Find Vertices of polygons on a static mesh surface

Hi Guys,

I would to find the coordinates of vertices of a line trace impacted polygon on a static mesh.

Do you know how can I do it?

You have a special node for this

I know I was not clear enough in my explanation.
When a line trace hits a static mesh I would know the 3 vertices’ coordinates of the triangle I hit.

I don’t understand if “Get Vertex Position” is right for my purposes.

Tbh I knew it’s not the solution, I added that on purpose - poor post = poor answers

The node I sent over is when you create your own 3D Instanced Static Meshes, it won’t work for your purpose like you just said for a reason - you don’t know the vertex ID’s and even if - you would have to hard code every vertex position or add them to some arrays but that would be a disaster XD

Here’s one cool post for you - it has some nice screenshots and proper explanation on how to access them

Here in C++

Also you can check this - it’s for polygons but I think you may find this useful too