Find texture and apply it to the material


I have folder called Textures and inside that folder I have lot of textures (about 100) and I would like to dynamically apply it to the actor (mesh).

Problem is that I don’t know how to find texture from string. I know that I have to create Material Instance with param Texture and I can add texture to that param and then apply that Material to the mesh (actor).

But I don’t know how to find that texture. Imagine that you have function called ApplyTexture like this, and you have only string:


@t0msk , here is a way to do it ( in this example the textures are inside a folder named “Textures”)


“Get Asset by Object Path”, “get Asset”,“get Asset Registry” are they Rama’s plugin???

I found them by removing context sensitive in right click search (i was in event graph)

please update the image, thanks!

seems to be working now, but i’m not sure

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I love you <3