Find result suggestions

**Hello to Unreal Developers!

Find Results** can be much-much more useful with some minor tweaks… There are extra noise such as Node Comment: and brackets ** ]**, the comment is already yellow and if it’s **long **it becomes a visual mess… Also if **nodes **are **in **a Comment Frame, it would be extra useful to see that hierarchy in found results as that would make it instantly clear from where is the found node from.

Also that is optional but it would be helpful to make Show Grid and **Grid Snap options **right in the Blueprint Editor **window **as the grid adds extra visual noise and Houdini for example turned it off by default and it became much more pleasent for eyes. And the Grid Snap size is a bit big for my test and makes sometimes alignment of nodes in a straight line impossible, I think it would be better to make **free movement **of the nodes like in Houdini by default.

Also a super minor suggestion to make** Comment Frame** alpha 0.5 by default as that again looks more pleasent for eyes. And/Or make option for** Comment Alpha **in Project Settings.

In the attached image I made a possible fixed Find Result search, turn off Grid and Comment Frames have 0.5 alpha. Also possible options for Grid **Show **and Grid Snap.

ps. Thank you for Unreal and it’s awesome features!

Also It would be nice to show Comment Frame content if search finds one.