Find & Replace Nodes across Blueprints?


Is there a Find & Replace function for Blueprints?

Say for example I’ve used a “Key Event X” to do a bunch of prototype input stuff (never do this, just bind the key in Input & save yourself the trouble, but let’s say) in a bunch of Blueprints, & later I decide I want to use a proper Input node. Is there a way to recursively search & replace through a bunch of Blueprints? I’m thinking along the lines of ReSharper’s mass replace function.


As far as I’m aware I don’t think a feature like this currently exists within blueprint.

Your best bet would be to painfully go through and update the inputs and use the key input like you mentioned.

There is an experimental Find and Replace for references, but I haven’t yet figured out how to use it: Replace all variable references - Unreal Engine Forums

You can use this plugin, which supports searching and replacing nodes:Home · qwaszxasas/AAA Wiki · GitHub