Find origin of print string

Okay, try not to laugh too hard at me for this one guys and gals.

When i click play, i get a message saying “completed” in the print string, Its clearly something i have used for debugging in the past, and… i cant find where it comes from.

Any tips on finding where it’s coming from??? :confused:

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one way would be to use find results.

When on a blueprint screen go to the bottom and type “print string” in the find results field. it will give you a list off all of the print string references in the blueprint. you can double click on reference and it will take you to the where the print screen is in the blueprint. do this for each of your blueprints until you have located it!

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Also, Untick Find In Current BP only option search to search all BP’s in current project.
You can also use Windows search on the Binary *.uasset files as the strings are just text.
Or use a dedicated string search utility, there’s a 1000 free ones out there cant recall atm…

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Thanks for the responses, I’ve never noticed the “find in current blueprint only” check box before. and wow, It turns out im really untidy with my print strings/debugging.

Really appreciate the help all, thank you.

lmfao welcome to the club. Or I guess you should welcome me to the club since I’m 6 years late to the post. Thank you @AntiGravity and @beanswaggle for the answers <3