"Find Look at Rotation" rotating backwards towards target

Hello I’m new to UE4, I’m still experimenting with things. I used “Find Look at Rotation” in a previous version of UE4 and this didn’t happen. I think this is a pivot problem, I recently moved from 3DMax to Blender. Do you think this might be a fbx exporting problem or am I doing something wrong in the BP? or is this a bug?

is the rotation instantaneous or gradual? if gradual is the problem that it takes the long way around?
otherwise does it end up facing the wrong way or just go the long way to get to the right direction?

I did both, first did smoothly on a other whole class bp and instantly in this one, there is no problem with the “Find Look at Rotation” I think, the problem is the turret’s back is acting as it’s front. It’s rotating towards the target fine but inverse. I can inverse the current rotation to fix the problem, but this isn’t just the right way to do it. I want to know whats the cause, because I might run into problems when I’m in the deep.

Maybe you exported or imported it with its forward axis something other than X positive.