Find look at rotation problem with wall running

I give up…pulling my hairs and all. So I have a top down game where I have a ramp to go up walls. My Find Look at Rotation works perfect on the ground but on the wall it only works for half of the 360 degrees. The other half are reversed . Help! I have been stuck on this for 2 weeks. I have tried all sorts of different things…The closest thing so far is in the third image.

My function starts here.

The ground floor part is this

The wall riding part is this.

I have read all sorts of posts on this but they are all a little different than my situation and I just can’t sort out how to fix the problem.

Any help is appreciated immensely ! :slight_smile: I don’t want to go bald

Here is an overview image of most of the function

help please. Any direction would be very appreciated. I only work on my games for 2 days a week ( Friday and Saturday ) and I hope I don’t have to spend another two days wracking my brain trying to figure this thing out.

Help ! :frowning: purdy please

Help please. I have tried so many things that I have just stopped working on anything to do with going up the walls. I really want to get it working though.