Find look at rotation of VR Headset - Challenge / looking for advice / help

Hi All,

Giving you a short introduction, I’m trying to build a realistic mirror effect for Virtual Reality (headset) so when we’re moving our head around we would get approximately similar effect to mirror.

I have already implemented 2DCapture with render to texture - works perfectly.

I have already implemented follow look at rotation with inverted values - so when the FirstPersonCamera moves around we are getting dynamic point of view - however it doesn’t work that well when it comes to the headset since I’m getting the position of the FirstPersonCharacter instead of FirstPersonCamera, and that’s where I struggle. Please see video and the blueprint. Can you please advice how could I connect things together to make it works? :slight_smile:


I would really appreciate any advice, tips & tricks.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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This is something that I have thought about also.

The easiest way to do it is to directly set the head node’s rotation to that of the HMD. That said, the HMD rotation by default is weird and needs some fixing up to be correct - you might look at the VR Game Template to see how it’s converting the Rift’s rotation into UE4 space.

What do you mean by “it is weird”? can you elaborate please? do you mean issues with the virtual head model?