"Find look at Rotation" angle order: calc pitch before yaw

it seems that “find look at rotation” internally first compute the Yaw Rotation and then bases on that the Pitch rotation.
In most cases this works like intended, but in my case (flying ai) I need a “find look at rotatiom” function that computes Pitch rotation first and then based on that the Yaw Rotation. (I don’t need the roll rotation at this point) I searched for hours but without success and I’m not a math genius :stuck_out_tongue: so please does anybody now hot to calculate my own “find look at rotation(Pitch->Yaw)” function in blueprint which works like described? :slight_smile:
Thanks for any advice!! :wink:

what if you temporarily stored the current rotation in a variable, find the look at, break it down into its composite values (pitch, yaw etc), restore the original angle and then use set relative rotation once using the pitch and then a second time using the yaw?

Not the way i would do it but it could work maybe


In this beautiful image you can see that the same situation of rotation finding can be done with two different methodes:

  • Pitch based rotation finding: In this Picture (left) it would have the Rotation [0, -180, 0]
  • Yaw based rotation finding: In this Picture (right) it would have the Rotation [0, 0, -180]

In the pictured example above there is only one axis rotation needed to look at the destination point but even if there are two axis rotation needed you have two solutions to solve the desired rotation.
Imagine that in the example above the destination point is a little bit higher on the Z(up) coordinate. Then the Pitc based Rotation would be like [0, 170, 0] and the Yaw based rotation would be [0, 30, -180].

Maybe this point more out what i try to archive :wink: :slight_smile:

No that would not work :frowning: that would lead to the same result.
But htanks you for the try :smiley:

By the way: the grey arrow is the actor I want to rotate and the grey circle is the target location to which the actor should rotate :wink:

Did you try to convert it to right handed coordinate?

Don’t know what right handed coordinates means ^^ but x, y, z coordinates should not change I use the standard ue4 coordinates if you mean that

Convert it to right-handed before you find look at, then get back to left hand after you got the look at rotation

I will try that tomorrow when I am at home again :slight_smile: thank you for your response

Thank you lotti!!! That does the trick :slight_smile:

Here are my blueprints if others have the same issue:

FindLookAtRotation relative to ActorRotation:




Noob question: how to compute Roll rotation first

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