Find Look At Rotation - adverse results on pitch

I’ve been tinkering around with making characters look at a target through using the Find Look At Rotation node to rotate the head bone. So far, the yaw (head tilting left and right) has been successful, but the pitch (up and down) has created an issue I don’t know how to resolve. When the character is facing towards the destined location, the character’s head will look at it with no problem. However, when the character is facing 180 degrees away from it, the pitch will ‘invert’, making the head look up when it should be down etc.

Pictures (the actor’s rotation is printed btw):



I’m not too worried about head limitations right now, I just want it to be working at all angles so I can limit unwanted movement out later.

Any ideas how this issue can be solved?


Bump because I still haven’t got it sorted.

Could it be caused by a constraint in your skeleton?

Your post is very vague and I have no idea what you did to get this result, but I am going to assume you got the head rotation by bone transform inside the animation blueprint, is the rotation mode set properly? To me it would appear you used world space instead of componnent space.

Can you include the object being looked at in the picture? It could be an issue with being too close/right on top of the target.

Also, you probably want to start fixing this WITH the head rotation limits already built in. I suspect once you include it, it will either (1) cause bugs you didnt have without it and/or (2) fix bugs you would get without it implemented yet.

Hi, don’t mean to hijack but I think I’m experiencing a similar issue–my character has no problem looking at characters that are on the positive X axis, but if my character is facing the other way, things start to get messy (head looks up instead of down, etc): [video]- YouTube

Here’s (I think) the relevant part of my anim blueprint:

The point the character is looking at is at is 0,0,0. I have made it look at other locations so it doesn’t seem to be that.
point taken! Ill see if I can implement them in then.

I believe the skeleton doesn’t have any constraints right now.

Sorry for the vagueness, It was a transform (modify) bone node from inside the blueprint. When i set the rotation mode from world space to component space the roll didn’t seem to do anything, though i’m looking into it.