Find Every Node of Category "Keyboard"

I want to find every node of the category “Keyboard”
I’m not looking for InputAction/InputAxis

Letters, numbers, keypad, F1-F12

Is it possible to search without getting every other node in the search? When I right click “A” for example and click find references, everything with the letter “A” in it shows up!

If you want to get all keyboard nodes including F1-F12, you can type Keyboard F. That will supply you with all keyboard nodes that includes F. You could also just type Keyboard, but that will supply you with ALL keyboard nodes.


I hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Edit after further clarification of question

Let’s say you wish to find all occurences of the F12 keyboard event. You could go into a random blueprint, press Ctrl + F to search, enter the search parameter (in this example it would be F12), and expand the search to all blueprint. Check image below for visualization (marked with orange):


If you wish to search all blueprint for ALL keyboard events, I can’t give you a solution, but atleast now you can search in all blueprints for a specific key.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

I am trying to find references to these nodes within all Blueprints, sorry that wasn’t clear.
So I have right now, followed your steps in multiple blueprints and I want to find all occurrences of all keyboard nodes, where do I begin?

Oh that’s what you meant :smiley: I’m not sure how one would search for the entire category of “Keyboard events” but it is possible for you to search for all occurrences of, let’s say F12. I’ll update my answer.

Type in searchfield: Nodes(ClassName=K2Node_InputKey)