Find Angle?

Hi, so how would i go about finding a angle between the orange location and a or b, where the a and b has a posetiv or negative difference depending on what side its on

Also, it shouldn’t matter what what my orange arrow rotation is


Do you know the position of all the three points?

Yes i do :slight_smile:

If you know the vectors ( which you do here ), the angle between them is


Thanks, kinda worked, it only gives one value instead of an positive or negative difference depending on what side its on. I fixed that by making a float select from 1 or -1 based on what side the location is on from the orange point

Is there another way to approach this by default? without having to inverse the value?

No, it just gives you the angle. What you can do is, read the angle from the forward vector to each of the points, then read again after slightly rotating the orange point. That will tell you how they are orientated.


You need to do the same with the right vector to know the side:

  • front > 0
  • back < 0
  • left < 0
  • right > 0

Good point thanks

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ik this is done and all… just wanted to add this:

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