Find Advanced Session Not Working on Mobile Hotspot [ Local Multiplayer Game ]


We are facing a problem since last 2 weeks, for creating a Local Multiplayer game for Mobile devices (tested on Android).

What is working -

  1. If 2 android Devices are connected to a same WiFi router, Device 1 able to create a advanced session (acting as a Server) whereas another Device 2 (acting as a client) able to find the session created by device 1.

  2. Hotspot is enabled on Device 1, and Device 2 is connected to Device 1.

  • Device 1 is able to create a Session.
  • Device 2 is able to Join a Session using “open IP-ADDRESS” command.

What is not working

  • In Device 2, we are not able to Find the session. Find Session returns 0 result.

Is there any way to Find a session in Hotspot mode on android devices.

I want this to work too