Find a location on the spline the most close to the target


I have a little problem on Blueprint that I unable to solve,
I have a sphere that moves along the spline and I would like to find the location on the spline (Varrible distance) for being the most close to the location of the “ActorTarget”.
It seems simple but I do not understand how I could do this, and I find nothing on the internet to help.

I put pictures to be understandable, Thanks for your answers and sorry for the mistakes.


What is the actor target?

Actor target is a variable editable selectable directly in the scene. Later the code will be done via an Event Tick the actor target is the player and the sphere is a camera.

You should be able to take your currently location and just do a simple vector length on each of the other locations and find the shortest length.

This might help

A paper with iterative approach

Sorry for the delay and thank you very much. ^^