Find a good 2D C++ Engine


I’d like to make a 2D Game, in C++ of course, but not with UE4, why ? It is centered on 3D, it is big, too big, like using a flamethrower to burn a candle
So, i’d like to find an engine who

  • Is easily understandable (like SFML)
  • With tuts, something to learn it
  • Who support basic UI (or one with possibility of making one), layers too (render order basically)
  • Who is not outdated
  • And last, who is fast and not locked on Windows, but if it is i could deal with it.

Why not using the SFML ?
Well, it’s all about the UI and the fact that there will probably not another version; but i keep it in mind.

Kind of games i’d like to make
Starbound, Terraria (a bit pixelated if you see what i mean)

Cocos2d-x is an excellent option. Open source, multi-plataform and C++.

maybe check SDL, its also the most famous. But i REALLY recomend SFML, its a library i really like to use for basic projects and prototypes, i learned a lot of c++ doing stuff with that

I Already worked with sfml by the past
And Cocos2D isn’t osx only ? If not, do you have tuts and ways of making HUD/ui

Yeah, i like SFML too, but, just the HUD/UI things breaks me up, i need to have proper ui elements like Sliders, Textbox , button,…

Bump please

I wanted to check out cocos2d for a long time (earlier I used Unity 3d - but it’s rather too heavy for 2d games…) Unfortunately, I didn’t have time. Yesterday after seeing this thread I downloaded it and can confirm that it works on Windows also. Anyway here is docs that also confirms it “Win32 Users”

I’m sure that You will find many tutorials, but even documentation is very good so you could use it as a tutorial :wink:

Cocos2D-X can be used in windows, linux and osx. You can compile projects for all these plataforms and for android, ios, windows mobile and more.

For GUI, you can check the documentation like this one:, which has quite a few examples, but I’m sure you will have no problems in finding more, since the community is large and active.