Finally joining the community.


I’ve used UDK for almost two years now and love it but never bothered to get myself onto the forums because books and youtube helped where I need it. Due to lack of documentation I was very hesitant to get involved with UE4 this early. By watching intro videos to UE4 and baby stepping through some tutorials, I feel much better about using UE4. I like that its different enough from UDK but not to where I feel alienated by it(blueprint). I’m getting to be more on the serious side of things in terms of game development so here I am.

Some bits about me:
I’m more on the art side of stuff so actual programming is not exactly my cup of tea, please be patient with me as I learn. I’m 23yrs old and currently a student, graduating this fall with an Associates in Game Art and Animation. My strong points are hard surface modeling(3dsMax <3) and textures(Photoshop+ShaderMap). I can do animation but that’s a WIP skill that hasn’t had much attention. I have a really awesome Desktop setup that I consider as family.

Looking forward to working with/learning UE4 along side yall

Welcome in this great community and have a lot of fun with the UE4! :slight_smile: