Finally: C++ UE4 book

I have been wating for something like this. Being a C++ capable person on a 4ish level on a scale from 1-10, and someone who definitely does not watch Youtube tutorials to get into the UE4 C++ API, this book is the entry point to UE4 and C++.

Have been looking around here forever, then in one tiny signature from a UE4 dev, I see a twitter link, then I see the book there.

Advertise yout stuff :slight_smile: I could have started 1 1/2 months ago had I only found it!

(I need some sleep :wink:

so where is the book? :smiley:

Link then :L?

Probably this one:

I wrote a review of this book here: Review: Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 by William Sherif – cybereality

I bought it and like it! It describes the C++ required for UE4. The first half covers the C++ techniques used in UE4 on a pure C++ basis.
It does not go in detail about the C++ stuff, but gives you just the knowledge and tools to get you going in UE4.
If you know a little bit of C++, the first half is just a couple of days, including the examples.
If you are experienced in C++, you can skip it completely.

The second half guides you through doing a C++ based game in UE4. That’s where the UE4 C++ API is covered, so it tells you all the commands etc that the UE4 developers have created to get your game running and how they talk to each other. Without that book, getting into the API would be watching lots and lots of outdated Youtube videos (painful!)
The second part is a really good starting point to get you going in UE4 and C++.

Good Book!

I have a quick question:

Are these the books the same and just the title artwork has been modified, or are these different in content?
The price is surely different :slight_smile:


and this:

My main gripe of this book is the book teaches you C++ from zero and while it rightly just teaches you enough to get started in UE4, it covers 50% of the book which is wasteful to me. I prefer if it straightway goes into UE4 C++.

However, that is perhaps the intention - it is written for C++ wannabe (from zero to hero). If you are already well versed with C++, be prepared that you know this before hitting the purchase button.

Also, you can purchase e-book from packtpub website.

as I see it is for UE4.4, and there have been some significant changes since that version, what could be disturbing especially for beginners who are basically targeted… but at least there is a book :slight_smile:

That’s true. The book was not written with EPIC, but independently.

I am not saying it is a waste of money due to the API changes since UE4.4, but I actually stopped reading halfway through when the UE4 stuff starts because of the API changes.
Things like that either go hand in hand with API changes, or should not be written. I wish I would not have spent the $40.
Also Packt Publishing is terrible with mail spamming.

yeah packt is very active in that field :slight_smile:
it would be the best to not to release similar books, only online ones to follow API changes…

I just bought this book from Google Books - it’s easier to reference than physical copy - and it’s only $14 - great deal!