Finalising your game

Hey guys,

I am about to embark on my first game creating endeavour, before I begin I would like to ask about the final stages leading up to release - I understand I shouldn’t be worrying about this now but I wish to ensure that I’m not wasting my time. My goal is to release my game on Steam via greenlight, what do I need to do prior to this? Do I need to license the game, pay fees or inform anybody before release? I’m a tad confused about the whole thing.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys!

Howdy Nickmadd,

This link should clear up any issues that you have prior to your game being released: Most of your concerns can be found under the “Royalties and Releasing Products” section. If your have any other legal questions, you can always post on our AnswerHub here: You can post under the Legal and Licensing section.

With any questions about Steam or anything, I would recommend that you contact them and they would better assist you.

Hope this clears anything up. Thanks and have a great day!

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

I don’t think Greenlight will still be around when you finish your game, or have it ready to present to the public. Valve said they’ll remove it before March 2015, I think that’s a good thing since it is kinda flawed, but it could be bad news if you have concrete plans to start a Greenlight page.

Do you probably have more information about that? Would be very interesting to know what they are planning (probably a new kind of steam greenlight) :slight_smile:

From Steam Dev Days, it sounds like they’re going to let anyone and everyone upload their games to Steam, yet the better the reviews your project gets, the more page views .etc the higher you’ll rank on Steam and the more chance you’ll get of front-page placement .etc