[Final year Student project] Feral - Official Thread

Hello everyone! Today, we are proud to reveal our student project, Feral, a game in development at Supinfogame Rubika in France. In July, we will be happy to release our prototype on PC, and we hope that this project will give you a lot of fun.

Until the release, we will post regular updates, adressing all the aspects of the production and our feelings during this great experience.

Let’s start with the pitch of Feral.

Feral Key Art


Feral is an hunting game in which you control a feline animal in the firs person view. You have to survive and get to the top of the food chain. In an imaginary and hostile forest, hunt and find food, but be careful… you could also become a prey.


  • Create tension in the hunting experience and put the player in a position of prey and predator.
  • Make the player feel he is a beast.
  • Create an imaginary, hostile, rich and dense environment, full of systemic interactive fauna & flora.


Genre: Hunting game
Platform: PC
Target: Core Gamers
Number of Players: 1

Soon we’ll share with you a demo video of our 3C.

looks cool man… great artwork there… :slight_smile:

3Cs WIP video

Hey there, thanks for the feedbacks :wink:

Here is a video of our 3Cs. It takes place in a special “greybox” map made to test the controls, the gameplay features, the feeling etc.

So the player can walk, sprint, crouch, climb on edges, slide, jump, attack. The footage was recorded while playing with a controller.

We are working hard to bring a cool animal feeling!

Like the style/art very much, hope the final game is close to this look. Great stuff :slight_smile:

Looks like mirrors edge, but with 4 legs! Exited to see more, it’s all so smooth!