Final project: Medieval market Square (Enviroment)

Hey, everyone.
My name is Pablo Alonso, and this is the begining of my final project for my master:

I’m creating a market square, located in the center of a medieval city, based on european cities like Prague.

Over the next few months i’ll keep uploading images of the process. Any advice is welcome.



Good job, it looks great.

Update #2:

This week I’ve been working on the main assets of my scene, the knigth statue and the clock tower, along with some rearranging of the scene and add details to the market stands:

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This week I’ve been working mainly on the clock tower, along with bringing materials to the scene to get a general fee ling of how it’s going to look like:

High poly of the cart is completed, next step: bake and texture

Along with the cart I’ve also done the basic market stand, both already textured and in Unreal Engine 4.