Final gameplay trailer for Voidrunner before Kickstarter

Here is the final trailer before we move on to Kickstarter. I tried to capture cinematic moments while working on this game. It’s a combination of reflex, race and fight. The game also has some RPG features and dynamics. Right now all you see is pure blueprint. Thanks.

Looking delicious. Good luck with the Kickstarter!

Thanks Jacky!

Looks interesting. I like the way level art brings back memories of scenes from the films with planes/ships avoiding one obstacle after another in a tight space.

hey that is an excellent comment thank you. Because my main idea in creating Voidrunner was to live the moments of escape & fight scenes in movies. Like the Death Star II corridor fight in Return of the Jedi or the escape from drones in modern movie Oblivion etc. it’s all about memories from movies. I’m aiming a cinematic experience in an immersive media :).

Sounds great. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Looks really, really great. How many people have worked on the art we see in the trailer? So many different environments and all look really good…

It’s just me John :slight_smile: If I can get some funding from Kickstarter, I’ll create a team though… I hope :slight_smile: