Final Fantasy XV - Tech Demos

Look at this amazing engine Square Enix has for FF XV

Some gameplay:

Honestly ?
I’m not impressed.

agree but stil the skin and hair are really cool

I remember someone on another forum say this demo made UE4 look outdated but I don’t see anything UE4 can’t do or have. There’s a terrain system, time of day (blueprints), subsurface scattering (4.5 update), VFX/particles system, animation/ai, layered materials. The only thing really missing is the hair, although someone is working on a UE4 plugin for it.

Not trying to start an engine war. What matters is how comfortable each artist feels when working with their respective toolset.

Luminous Engine has almost all of its entire workflow based on Autodesk Maya.
I think the best parts of it is that you can create many Maya effects and import them directly in the engine and update them in real time, making of Maya a kindda level design tool.
You add Maya’s fur effects or particles, fluids, etc and the engine adds them to the game just fine. Very integrated workflow, no FBX ■■■■■■■■…

Besides the hair, its pretty stock standard when it comes to this round of engines, nothing really stuck out for me.

Square has very good if not the best artists (depends if you are fan or hater of anime artstyle). So ofc. their tech demo will look great.

Also that FF engine is written with RPG in mind, while unreal is multipurpose and multi platform by design. They can cut off corners while unreal just cannot.

This wasn’t posted for comparison guys, but if you were to compare it UE4 currently can’t handle all that foliage correctly, let alone hair and few other things. And good/bad art is not an excuse. (in this case Speedtree has better models)

Oh, I remember how slow was FFXIV on my powerful (for that moment) gaming setup. Their performance optimization suck.
It doesn’t matter how beautiful your engine is if only chosen ones can run it max settings.

If we speak about functionality, then UE4 has everything. Hair? Well if you really want it you can hire a team and make your own UE4-based solution. And it will cost less than SE spent for their engine.

Overall, nothing impressive in that engine.

When you place foliage like that (and looking good) in UE4 then you’ll see what’s impressive.

It looks like new foliage features are slated to be added in November/December, have a look:

And it looks like Parallel rendering has been completed for 4.6, (as per trello), so hopefully Translucency Forward+ can be implemented soon as well (as they were on hold until Parallel was complete). :slight_smile:

Foliage Shading Model.

I sooo hope it will be merged with 4.6 :D.

As others said, foliage and hair was impressive. Hopefully UE become better in these areas very soon. :slight_smile:

If you place a lot of foliage around in UE4 with big areas and other fancy things you will have performance problems as it is now. At least I haven’t found any way around that.

Personally I think it’s all totally useless because nobody else will able to use the FF engine, or at least nobody from the general public.

That’s why I keep Epic in high regard - for putting their engine into the hands of everyone, without having to break the bank, or needing some special, privileged, status to get it.

And all the fancy features in the FF engine are just eye candy, as someone above pointed out, skilled artists can make anything look better.

We have the source to UE4 and ultimately we could write whatever feature into it we want. Granted it requires in-depth knowledge, but you can already see some people on the forum here doing some interesting stuff.

As time goes by and more people get to learn UE4 “guts” in-depth, we’ll see all kinds of bleeding edge tech coming in. :slight_smile:

Trees and foliage from Speedtree are not artistically bad either but covering a vast area like in FF it looks/feels bad.
That’s not Speedtree’s fault but the problem lies in the engine not being worked in that area.

Forget about FF engine what about Cryengine?