Hi guys,

This is my first post here :slight_smile: Quick introduction, My name is Andrew Ley and I do concept art for video games. You can see some of my work here

I don’t usually work in engine but while I was working on Star Citizen last year I started using Cryengine for pre-vis work and got excited about using game engines in my conceptart workflow.

I’ve been playing around with this remake of Ifrit to learn more about Unreal and Nvidia Hairworks. I have Ifrit animated in Unreal and just grabbing Galaxyman’s build now so I can try and get him in with hair.
These grabs are from the hairworks viewer. The guide hairs were created in Maya. Mesh and textures are WIP.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,


I love it! I’m a huge final fantasy fan so I may be a little biased :smiley:

Lookin really good - I love the face and his fur!

Cheers guys!

Here’s an update - have him working in Unreal now with Galaxyman’s build allowing for multiple lights with Hairworks. Still quite a few issues to work out but it’s a promising start.



That is superb! Wondering how a head-to-toe furry character would perform with HairWorks?

Eh, scratch that last question.

well done,looks cool!