Final Fantasy VII Remake in Unreal Engine 4

Our little Kappatatus friend was right and this is really happening - FF7 remake is being developed in Unreal Engine 4
I’m suuuper stocked about this, I never expected to work with the same engine that Final fantasy 7 use!

What do you think about this guys? :slight_smile:

That’s very cool. I hope it comes out for PC.

This is awesome. I’ve never played 7, but I have seen Advent Children and I loved that. Looking forward to this. =)

They should have kept the original camera position and gameplay.

The game engine’s name is Luminous Studio; I don’t know where you took that idea from…
This game is using pieces of Final Fantasy 15’s codebase and a lot of reskinned assets as well, some animations in this FF7 game are also coming from other Luminous engine titles. Basically Squeenix needs to make back the monies they’ve spent in these more than 10 years of FFXV development.

If they use UE4 now, I’m impressed!

Holy ****, it’s real… I’m hyped for this game now.

Oh my god I’m so stoked on this. I grew up on FF7, was my first Final Fantasy, and I’ve been waiting for this ever since. I’m so happy, and I’m actually cool with the changes (battle system, breaking it up into pieces)

Yeah, i am completely hyped and amazed by this news!
I heard, from someone trusted, that Pikachu gets some sort of magical armour, which protects him.
No “general global godmode protection”, but when someone is doing bad things, you get some sort of defense points added.
Nuclearbased, with something like nanobots for generating sausage for food!

Enix must really be liking UE4 if KH and FF are being developed on it

I would rather bet, that Luminous is not as multiplatform (and good on multiple platforms), as they would want it to be.

Also the wide support for UE4 in general might have been a reason. For your own engine you probably would have to, for example, implement a lot of features yourself rather than just buying stable and reliable 3rd party plugins like Substance, Enlighten and so forth. Also the giant userbase, especially among employees prior to joining, makes away with long learning periods. Also there are a lot of systems in there that seem to speed up development a lot (bluepring, the material editor and the easy drag and drop UI for basically any kind of file format (aside from gif as it seems).

About gameplay: iam totally in for modernizing the whole thing. We had so many iterations of the same game now, iam really psyched to hear about what they are going to do.

I like how Japan is adopting UE4, this is the third game that uses it, behind Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5.

Having put a couple hundred hours into FF7 I am not exactly happy about the real time combat in the remake.

Will have to wait for the reviews.

Kappatus has yet to post. Don’t procrastinate Kappatus!

Happy to see a different rendition of a classic game, hope FF9 gets the same treatment one day.

Not to mention Kingdom Hearts 3.

Could be not worst gameengine then!

looks cool