Final Fantasy Styled Action RPG in need of talented help


I’ve been working on an Action RPG for a year now and I’ve reached a point where I think I need help pushing things to the next level.

I am seeking help from those who love rpg games, and want to band together to create something big. I am in need of:

**Modelers, texture artists, VFX Artists, Animators, and I am open to anyone else who would want to help out in some other form. **

The game is called Amaranthine Story and it is currently in its prototype stages. A lot has been put together already, but it needs some polishing. I am unable to pay at this moment, but with just a little help, I would like to aim for the Unreal Grant as well as backing from the Square Enix Collective and finally a Kickstarter backed by Square Enix.




Isabella Low.JPG


Bjolan Low.JPG

Nova Low.JPG

Juliet Outfits.jpg

Here is the most recent video I created to show a friend how things are looking in terms of what I’ve already coded through blueprints. Some things has already been fixed such as the jumping. The command Menu works, though Skills and Magic is still being worked on. The error that’s seen is dealing with the enemies being spawned and them setting their home location which is easily fixable. The character was set to target the nearest target or currently hit target with priority, but that was removed after this video so the player can aim instead. Last, the game crashes because of my RAM.

The concept is there, I need help with bringing the game out visually and I do believe that this can be something absolutely fantastic!

If intersted in helping, please email me @