Final Camera - Easy Camera System

Hi all,

i would to get some ideas for my new asset that will soon be submitted to Epic: “Final Camera”

Features it already has implemented:

  • Zooming in and out, with smoothing and min and max zoom distance
  • FreeCam Mode where Yaw and Pitch are changed through mouse/joystick (i.e. with middlemousebutton)
  • Min and Max Yaw and Pitch for FreeCamMode to prevent unwanted view angles
  • Smooth Snapback from FreecamMode back to the original Rotation (i.e. like in Starcraft) with configurable values for speed
  • Offset from Target Actor Location (i.e. for making a shoulder view, this would be something like Offset=50,0,60)
  • Configurable camera lag
  • Border Scrolling (RTS Camera style, configurable border-width and scroll-speed), also possible through i.e. right thumbstick
  • Possibility to set any Target Actor at runtime, i.e when you click at an actor the camera then follows this actor
  • Currently in progress: camera collision (so the camera wont pass through walls, etc)

All of that of course with a sample level to demonstrate the features.
Supported Platforms are virtually any available to UE4, the only thing needed to make it work are the
right key-bindings / controls (the camera system does not use any keys directly but provides events to be called for any functionality).

This camera system is done through PlayerCameraManager instead of having a camera directly on the pawn, since it offers much more flexibility (just assign the Custom PlayerCameraManager to the PlayerController).
With the current features it is possible to do virtually everything from first-person camera, third-person, topdown/RTS style. And of course anything can be changed at runtime / during playing.
Want a shoulder-cam with free mouse look but switch to a topdown-view with border-scrolling when the player presses a button / reaches a certain area? No Problem!

Regarding pricing, as thats always one of the first questions :slight_smile: : Currently i am thinking of 10$.

Any ideas on what else you want to see in the system or any general thoughts on this?

Cheers, and thanks for reading,

A plug-and-play camera, fully configurable for any game type. This looks very cool!:smiley:

Would be cool if you could have functionality to switch from 1st to 3rd person. That would definitely add much value to it. Needles to say, if it has this feature I will force you to take my money.

@indygoof: Okay now I am interested … 8-}

This is a cool idea! I’d personally love to see support for single screen multiplayer games, i.e. a camera that keeps every player in frame at all times (like Super Smash Bros for example).

Yes, It would be great with a Fallout 3 or Skyrim like-camera. Also $10 is a nice price too :slight_smile:


This is more or less already possible, though i will create some Events to be called to switch between preconfigured camera-types (If you remember camera implementations from UDK where you were able to to set the CameraType at runtime, e.g. “Isometric”, “ThirdPerson”, etc). This part is easy :slight_smile: , but i guess you may want a bit more, like a transition between the camera types, i.e. when switching between First and ThirdPerson it slowly zooms out?

As i saw such requests many times on the forums, i will include that. I am just not sure yet if i include it in the main camera or make an additional one, as this can get very game specific (what should happen when a player reaches the max distance for zooming the camera out? Are there multiple angles where the camera could zoom to have the players in one frome?)

I am not too sure yet about any speciality with the camera in these 2 games. Guess i will have to start up Skyrim again to investigate (and hope i dont get lost inside :wink: )


Fallout 3 and Skyrim camera control,
Ability to changes the distance between Third Person orbit camera and pawn using mouse wheel. Full approximation, switch to First Person view mode.


Thanks !

So that actually means, no work for me since this is already in :slight_smile:


This is quite easy to do with sphere coordinates and a camera actor.
There was a thread with a PhysX car a few days ago and a download that had almost the exact same custom camera in it that you describe.
It is obstacle handling, camera evading obstacles and how, where it becomes difficult. Also line of sight handling by making objects semi transparent and so on.

Was just trying the cam from the other thread. Haha, it has the exact same features than yours! Guess I will think twice before I share something here :slight_smile:

Any chance that you tell us what the other thread was? I am interested now too, and if there’s actually a free camera available with all these features, releasing my system on the marketplace would not make much sense.
I only found a thread that HAD a download, but the first post was changed to “…” for some reason. Also, from the description, if you meant that camera, saying that the features would be exact the same is maybe a bit exaggerated :slight_smile:


I’m not so good with blueprints such as very experienced @MaZi1 willing to help the community for free.

I could be called using the stereotypical terminology that many people like to use, “NOOB” or a total noob. Or a type of person that because of your limited and overloaded time has no more patience to put broken things by others to working properly.

But between staying breaking my head with obscure tutorials, impossible to find or even make operate properly, I prefer a stable, compatible and complete solution developed by someone experienced. Not mind paying a few bucks, since it is easy to implement in any project in a stable and fast way and offer a safety assistance for each engine version.