final bake

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone can shed some light ( no pun intended ) on why I am getting these strange white lines in my scene. The enclosed images show a pretty high bake with what I am talking about. The mesh density is pretty high so I know its not that. There are no overlapping UV’s so its not that. I am little stuck on why its happening.



My first guesses would be: flipped normals or not 3d (closed) meshes but open ones that made out of 2d planes…

I think you need to add some block out meshes to hide the seam.


Does the floor line up with the edges of the room or does it extend past it? If it doesn’t line up and part of it is visible outside then illumination from outside will bleed onto the area inside.

I will check the normals out.
What are “block out” meshes?
Yes the floor does line up with the edge of the room

I put a new floor mesh in the scene from UE4 and it all went away. I guess it was something in my original mesh.