Filtering (kalman) in BP

Hi there.

In my scenario i want to take kinect v2 data and use it to manipulate/animate my skeleton. All works fine but i have a lot of jitter in my movements (caused by the kinect data). Thats why i want to implement a filter to reduce the spasms.
I heard about the kalman filter but i have no clue how to implement it on my Blueprint system. Does anybody have some experience with filtering similar data within the unreal BP-Editor=? :slight_smile:

Not sure you would be able to do this in Blueprints … you are probably going to have to do this in C++ and expose it to Blueprints. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

The Kinect-SDK has powerful build-in smooth parameters. If you can: Use them.

To smooth in Blueprint, i would create an array for each bone/joint, save the last 3 values and calculate the average of each array each tick.