Filtering doesn't reduce triangle count?

I create a clipping box around my ROI.

Then I apply a filter by clicking “Mark triangles outside box”, then hitting “Apply”.

A new model is created, but the triangle count is exactely the same as the original model?

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you.

hello, not necessarily,

if the space outside your reconstruction box does not contain anything, then the new filtered model will have the same amount of triangles,

the models should look the same as well,

and please do not confuse a clipping box with the reconstruction region - see the respective Help tutorials

please try again

Hi lubenko,

could you explain the difference between a reconstruction region and a clipping box?

These terms seem to be used as synonyms and I am not aware of a different way of opening a box apart from reconstruction region…

Hello everyone,

I just found out this thread. I will try to explain the difference between reconstruction region and clipping box:

Reconstruction region - with this box you define the part of the scene you wish to reconstruct. Everything outside the reconstruction region is omitted during the reconstruction. Also, when using the “Box” selection tool, you can mark the triangles outside or inside this box (reconstruction region). The area when rendering ortho-projections is also defined by the reconstruction region. Simply speaking, reconstruction region is taken into account during calculations and applying RC tools.

Clipping box - this box has only displaying function, it is used only for displaying selected parts in the 3D view. It is not taken into account during calculations or processes. It does not change the created model in any way.

However, you can create the reconstruction region from previously placed clipping box and vice versa.