Filter Results of Variable Drop-down List

Hi everyone,

I have a blueprint actor with a public variable mesh.
So when I go to the details tab, I have a dropdown list that allows me to set my variable mesh.

However, that dropdown list is listing every single static mesh that is defined in my project, which is a bit cumbersome.
Is there a way to set it so that only the static meshes located in a specific folder show up?

For example, could it be possible to only have the static meshes located in “/Game/Meshes/Sculpture” to be listed?



I don’t know if there’s an official way to filter that list, but you could make a small number of blueprints that hold only meshes, and that list could be a list of your blueprint type…

That would work well if I had a small amount of Sculpture to place, but I might end up with hundreds of them so it might be counterproductive to create so many blueprints.

Anyone would know if it’s possible to filter that list by asset location?