Filter overlap by trigger volume

I have a collision box on the player character that has a “OnComponentBeginOverlap” node that checks when it overlaps with a trigger volume. How do I filter it down so only certain trigger volumes can activate it.

In the Collision settings for your object, for an overlap or collision to occur:

  • Collision Enabled must be set to the kind you want on both objects
  • Object Type of one object must have a corresponding Collision Response checked on the other object.

So, for example, you could set the box on your player to “Pawn”, and then the certain trigger volumes you want to interact with it would have “Overlap” checked in their “Pawn” collision response, and the other ones that you don’t want to interact with it would not.

Here’s what the collision section looks like (just so you can see the section, I didn’t set the settings for the example)


But wouldn’t that mean any trigger volume that interacts with pawns trigger my script? I have the volume in question acting as a trigger for a wall running script on my player blueprint. So only wall run trigger volumes should trigger it, but I don’t know how to filter it down or specify which volumes are for wall running.

I am looking for a solution to the same problem - will update if I make any progress. KuraiWolf, did you ever find a way of doing this?