Filter c++ parameter in blueprint


I have a function like this:
void SetActorWithInterfaceA(AActor* actor);

My teammate uses this function in blueprint.
So I want to create an alert if the actor doesn’t have an interface implemented and prevent it giving anything to the function.

What are the ways to secure entry on blueprints function?


I don’t really understand this.
Do you mean that you check for interface within the C++, and if the AActor doesn’t have it, you just want to prevent firing the ‘SetActorWithInterfaceA’, or that you want to pass ‘nullptr’ ?
What do You mean by “creating an allert”? I don’t really get it :eyes:

Either way, there’s stuff you can use for both - BP and C++:

const bool bCondition = SomeActor->Implements<SomeInterface>();
if (bCondition)