Filmic animation

Hi! We produce little film and need help to animate characters. We will use Unreal to render it, so no need for optimization.
Propose your similar portfolio, cost and time for next piece of script:

"Scene Name: HOME

[Slavica gets home and finds Ivan working on his laptop. She puts her bag down, takes her shoes off and heads straight to the cellar. Ivan follows her demanding to know what she is doing]
Character Name 1
Dialogue: Ivan, I don’t want to have an argument. I’m looking for something very important
Character Name 2
Dialogue: You have become very weird since you discovered that coin. It’s taking over our relationship.
Character Name 1
Dialogue: That’s not true. I don’t know why you are saying this.
[She enters the cellar but Ivan remains standing by the door. She flicks the light switch on. Slavica sees the glowing coin on a shelf. She picks up the coin but also notices a small folded map. She opens the map and sees route drawings. She quickly takes it and hides it under her blouse. She looks across the room and sees splinters of wood and a small torch. She walks over and picks up the torch. As she turns around, Ivan is standing next to her which makes her almost jump. They leave the cellar]

Character Name 2
Dialogue: What’s that?
Character Name 1
Dialogue: It’s a torch.
Character Name 2
Dialogue: Ok. I think we should go back up now. Let me see the coin.
Character Name 1
Dialogue: Not right now. Later!
Character Name 2
Dialogue: Oh, really!!
FAde Out:
[Slavica hides the map into her work bag]
[Slavica and Ivan goes to sleep]
Animation as realistic as possible but for medium budget!

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