Filmic animation

Good day to all!
I need help with animation for little film (30 mins). It will be 4 characters in different locations. There may be more films. And it’s better to optimize pipline of characters, creation and animation. So there are several questions:

  1. Character creation
    As it will be different locations, character will have diffrent clothes for each of it. As soon as it’s not real-time, no need for optimization or LODs
    a) And what tool is better to use to create such character or where to buy ready one (e.g. Daz, Character creator, Mixamo, etc.).
    b) Which one will easier for import to UE4 and animate?

  2. Character animation
    We need more or less realistic animation but with lowest budget. Characters will do simple life things, walk, run, sit, talk, emotions, gestures, combination of all above.
    a) Is it possible to use some ready animation and somehow blend them together?
    b) Is it possible capture body and face separetely and later blend them together?
    c) lip sync

  3. Capture animation
    If it’s better to use captured animation, what tools are cheaper to use?
    a) for body capture
    b) for facial, emotions
    c) lip sync

  4. How easier to animate crowd?

  5. Helpful stuff on theme
    a) Courses, tutorials
    b) Apps
    c) Tools, plug-ins

Thanks for help! :slight_smile: