[FILM] Watch Dogs Film Fest Contest Entry - Animated in Unreal

Hey guys,
Thought I’d share this since I spent a lot of time on these forums troubleshooting.

Jump to around 5:15 and on if you want to see most of the 3D/Unreal work.

This is my entry for a Watch Dogs Fanfilm contest by Ubisoft. I made this in 7 days using Adobe After Effects and Unreal. The animation is not AAA, but in 7 days you have to cut some corners to meet deadlines.

Fun facts:
-I made this in 7 days to meet the contest deadline.
-The 3D was mocaped with a Kinect, hand edited in Daz Studio, and finally produced/exported with sequencer
-I did a lot of work and editing while demoing in virtual reality. I was walking around in all the 3D parts in this film. The animation and 3D isn’t perfect but I’m happy with the narrative.
-The 3D animation of Bryce is 14,000 frames and one long take with full lipsync and head tracking! It’s a little stiff because I didn’t have time to animate his body and facial expressions but he talks, and I’m just happy I got the lipsync transferred. (Took 3 hours to export a 14,000 frame fbx from Daz to Unreal!) I could have cut it up into smaller takes, but I needed the transitions to be seamless since he is on screen most of the time with no cutaways.

Thanks for watching and any feedback or constructive criticism!