[Film] The Immortal Legend - Films project [Update]

We are from China. We produced an animation drama by using UnrealEngine after a long long time development and visualization process test. The total length of the first quarter is nearly 300 minutes.

Currently updating to Episode 2.

The Immortal Legend Trailer

Episode 01

[Update] 30/09
Episode 02

This is a story about the bravery, adventure and looking for self in the east of the world. Surrounded with a mysterious box, between the various camps launched a complex relationship. By explaining a series of intrigues, the story explains the secrets of eternal life

The entire project material, lighting, rendering, post-processing, etc. are completed in the UE.




We used the NVIDIA GameWorks tool to make the hair of the roles

Based on the Siggraph2016’s Real-Time solution, we also developed a hardware and software solution for the expression capture system. This program is in real time with Optitrack’s system to access UE4 so that we can capture the actors’ limbs, facial expressions and record data in the Recorder, Sequence.

UE4 is very powerful, but also requires a lot of patience and teamwork, I hope you will like my share.

This is the early role display (hair wind is the early noise version)