Film Making

I had an idea the moment I heard a competitor to Steam was released, so hear me out please.
For those who are familiar with certain Steam exclusive programs know that one of the easiest available programs is Source Filmmaker. If you haven’t already guessed I want to suggest implementing a competitive version to Source Filmmaker on Epic’s platform. Not just some slapped together software extension to the UE4. Something that allows for maps, models and items to be categorized and in their own folders to prevent files being crammed under a single folder and causing file overwriting of multiple models and items, which is an issue to me with SFM.

Picture this. A UE4 Animation program that would both give users a chance to create videos and custom animations for their games more easily. Users could also upload their creations to be used by others for future easy use and make their own animations.

Right now SFM and Gmod are the only 2 programs people use on a cheap budget to make 3D animation videos. Something in UE4 would not only be a direct competitor to SFM but could bring everyone who uses SFM and Gmod to use UE4 and lead to a influx of better quality videos. SFM has only 2 major flaws that I see. Stability and file management. SFM is prone to crashing and everything in the workshop is thrown in a workshop folder without subscription sub folders.

Just my suggestion, but would get back into animating myself if this happened.