Film making computer

Hi, I’d like to make short movies using UE4
if I can build a computer to run the “a boy and his kite” demo in real time
I think I can do it.

Can someone tell me if the below system will run the demo.

Graphics card NVIDIA GTX Titan X
Mother board ASUS Z170 deluxe
CPU i7 6700K
32 GB of DDR4 RAM

Also how big (in MB or GB) is the boy and his kite project.

At the moment I’ve pushed sketchup make and Thea render on a 2009 iMac as far I think I can.
Below is a very quick render of todays work in progress.

aby 45-Scene 134.jpg

To run the entire Kite Demo sure…mostly.

Since your making a flick though you don’t need the entire map as a set piece as to what the camera needs to see.

my high end laptop can run it so yes that system will be able to run it, although I think it was set up to run at 30FPS on a Titan X or something like that.

its been a while but I believe the full editor version is around 24GB.

hope that helps:)

Yes. Thanks Frankie and smokey :slight_smile: