Fill textbox without focus


I have a TopDown project, so I control my character movement with my mouse, if I stay clicked and move the mouse, my character will follow the cursor.

On this, I have a Widget that contains a TextBox.

What I want to do is while I have my mouse’s left button down, if I pressed any key, this will add the pressed character to my textbox, but still moving my character. (So don’t set keyboard focus on my textbox)

I don’t know if is there any way to do that ?

This seems to work OK:

Hi man ,
I am pretty sure that you can, add a variable to your widget, lets say VAR_text than you bind your textbox to that variable.
Then in your actor or pawn that have "enabled input" , make a custom event out of "anykey".
and set the VAR_text of your widget to himself+ append the new key,

Yeah it works !

But still have one problem… the Get Key Display Name return the uppercase value, so I need a way to know the value of the key pressed, for exemple “a” or “A” if Caps Lock is on

Any idea ?

Like this maybe:

The above assumes Caps does not count as a keypress.

edit: you may need to detect the caps state before you start checking, not sure if this can be done in BPs