Fill a hollow sphere with physics?

I have a hollow sphere with a hole in the top that I’d like to drop multiple cubes into and fill it up. Under collision complexity for the sphere I’ve tried using “Use complex collision as simple.” This gives mixed results when I drop a cube with the cube sometimes hitting the bottom of the sphere like it should but sometimes just “slipping” straight through. Other times it will slip partially through the bottom of the sphere and kind of hang there. How do I make my sphere non leaky?

How thin is the shell of the hollowed out sphere?

Does this make a difference? I’ll try with a thicker shell.

Also, I don’t know if there is a better way to model a hollow sphere - I’m just using booleans in Maya.

Does this make a difference? I’ll try with a thicker shell.

It could make a difference due to depenetration and overall quirkiness of physics.

There’s a bunch of things you could try:

This is for the cubes.

Checking Use CCD didn’t make a difference and I’m not seeing Position or Velocity Solver Iterations as an option in version 5.

Increasing the size of the colision box around the cube seems to help though…

They should be in a hidden, advanced panel - just like CCD.

On the other hand, PhysX will be phased out and replaced with Chaos - so perhaps focus on UE4 if the goal is to actually develop something. Just saying. If you’re experimenting with UE5, you might as well fiddle with Chaos - not sure what form or state it’s currently in, though.

Mostly just experimenting. Thanks for the help.