FileVersion vs Version vs VersionName in .uplugin file.

What’s the difference between those? My guess is that FileVersion is something that doesn’t change (it’s sort of version of file’s description format) but the other two are somehow related to plugin’s verison.

Say I have a semantic versioning for my plugin (e.g. 1.0.0). When I release 1.0.1 I only update VersionName, so ultimately I want to know is that correct? Or should I change Version as well? If yes, how would major.minor.patch version format translate to that?

Version is just an integer that is increased per version:
1 - 1.0.0,
2 - 1.0.1,
3 - 1.1.0,

The engine doesn’t evaluate the VersionName, it’s just the display text

Do you know when the engine evaluates the Version number: is it only for marketplace?