Filesystem folders and visual studio ("show all files" option)

I’ve noticed that visual studio project is physically located in different folder than source.

Source is in ./Source folder, and visual studio project is within ./Intermediate category.

That means, when I try to add C++ file via visual studio’s “add new item” menu, it will be created in ./Intermediate subfolder of the project (i.e. where build system won’t find it) and won’t be compiled by default.

It also means that physical folder structure is not reflected in visual studio when it is set to “show all files” option (I’ll see links to .h/.cpp files and “obj” folder)

Would you kindly consider fixing this? I know there’s class wizard and all, but occasionally you need to add raw C++ header/files that can’t be created via class wizard and create files within subfolders.

The way things work now, I need to use external tools for working with subfolders and files that can’t be handled by C++ class wizard. It would’ve been way more convenient if this could be handled from within IDE.