Files Constantly reimporting, regardless of revision status in perforce

We are using perforce to revision our content, and according to it, all our files are synced and up to date.
But across multiple content creators when ever someone loads into the project it re-imports a whole bunch of assets then asks to check out those specific files.

Not sure if this is a engine related issue or end user but nothing we have tried resolves the issue, we even had one person check out all the files in perforce, commit them and then everyone else get latest.
The files still import every time the project is open.

So, in what seems to be a tradition for me, I’m answering my own question after some further investigation.

In the Editor Preferences under Auto Reimport there’s an option called ‘Detect Changes on Startup’ which warns you that this option is not suitable for re visioned projects. Turning it off solved the problem.