File Utils category missing?

Hey all,

I guess I must be confused. None of the functions found on this page:…ils/index.html

seem to exist when I try to pull them up in my blueprints (even with the context sensitive button unchecked). These are all the “File Util” functions, which doesn’t appear as a category at all when I right-click on the blueprint graph. “Copy File” does exist, but it is something completely different (related to source control). Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I need to add to make these appear?

Oops, sorry, forgot: I’m using UE 4.25.4

That’s a doc for an API, you have to access it from C++.

I see. Okay, thanks, I missed that. I’ve noticed some nodes in the API reference appear in the editor, and others do not. Is there a way to know in advance which ones do? Or do I just have to check in the engine? Is there, perhaps, a blueprint node reference (I’m not seeing one other than the API reference, but maybe I’m just being blind).

Fortunately, I came up with a better solution anyway. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking was going to work, given that the end results are pak-ed. I was just trying to prototype it and see what happened. But as it turns out, I came up with something better.

Sorry to revive an ancient thread, but here in the 5.0 documentation, it’s clearly showing a Blueprint node, and I still cannot find that one anywhere.

Typically, when you can’t access these nodes, it means your blueprint is parented by the wrong class.

I would try something in the blueprint utility widget area :slight_smile:

I solved it. It turns out the File Utilities are in a plugin that ships with UE, but was not enabled by default.


It’s a shame that the official UE Doc does not mention this one simple line.
Thanks. You’re a life saver.


this is definitely something that should be in the docs!